Friday, June 21, 2013

Suburban keylining

Suburban keylining

- Whats the water doing ?
- multiple flows through the system
- tanks
- total landscape as surface contour
- three dimensional surface area
- variable porosity matrix
- soil system flux,
- biomass storage
- range of possibilities

The block slopes to the left in this picture. The paths are the base of the swale, across the contour and away from the house. The small pond is the overflow from the tanks. the garden beds are level raised.

- nowhere does the water run
- gradient allways used, contemplated

Spent the time and effort to watch and imagine, get out in the storms, dig some holes, 

- subsurface mitigation storage

- effect of and on biomass,
- system complexity

A fence to be., agg pipe in gravel across the slope catches the now sudden large downpours, no longer does water flow like a stream down the drive.

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