One straw revolution.
  • A council of all beings.
  • To care for the earth and understand her unity.
  • Bring a sense of pleasure joy and playfulness to gardening
  • Create & work with well balanced gardens that feed all the senses
  • Share the fruits joys and skills of urban food production and post harvest processing
  • Create an awareness of urban ecology and our relationship to it
  • Promote & encourage sustainable ecological minded horticultural attitudes and practices
  • Develop urban food production & community garden culture, looking to local economy.
  • Engender mindful experimentation in ecological living 
  • Eat from a common tree
I'm an Aspie, an outsider.. Evolving a living environment on a quarter acre block on the edge of suburbia.
I'm experimenting with and learning how we grow, process, store and share our food.
I'm endeavoring to follow Bill Molison and Masanobu Fukuoka in the creation of ecological resiliency in my home environment and open fair sharing culture in the local community.

I like to extend a soulful invitation to earth aware people to visit and share in the development of a project.
I'm Looking for help in developing a productive suburban permaculture cottage livelihood.
Located in the scenic Southern Highlands NSW two hours train south of Sydney.
1/4 acre block with a 2BR brick cottage on edge of town, 15 min walk from town center. .

The task is to -
  • Development of the garden as a living abundant ecology and inspiration.
  • Experiment with compact recycling, energy and food systems in a style led by thermodynamics Lewis Carroll and wildlife.
  • Home kitchen food preparation for market, ie. jams conserves..
  • Hand crafted German style pan baked sour dough breads and cakes to order and market.
  • Run workshops on permaculture, garden technique, the carbon cycle, baking.
  • Ecological edible garden design.
  • Networking earth caring relationships
I have been working self employed in commercial horticulture for about 25 years, I am mostly organic in my life attitude, practice permaculture, have a fine systems mind, like people and get along in most situations.
I have a passionate interest in deep ecology, soil awareness, social awareness. artistic, creative, technical.

Projects -
Integration of house, structures; landscape into an edible sustaining ecosystem using permaculture ecological systems design.
Developing aquaponic & vermaponic systems. building structures.
Backyard engineering projects to do with biochar, stoves for baking.
Gardening, building structures for birds and bees,(no bees yet, help). renovating; retrofitting this old home, Berrie picking at Berrie time, wine making at wine time, propagation, wild fruit harvest and processing.
Future projects - Solar oven, solar food dryer, small biogas system.
Kitchen cooking.
Home chores and maintenance

I have a FB page to share with  WWOOF guests
A blog on my garden and art

Chores and work about 3 -5hr a day leaves time for touring, sharing and play. ,
There is always work in garden and kitchen.

A willingness to perceive & think outside the square, collaborative, mature, dog friendly '.'
Children OK. Shared VEGETARIAN DIET.
Short medium or long term stay ok.
Accom for 2 people in my home, more in a crush.

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