Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spicy Pear Medlar Cheese Chocolate cake

Spicy Pear Medlar Cheese Chocolate cake with Almond shortcrust pastry base:

Base - 24 cm pane -
Fresh flour 100g. Ground almond 40g. Butter 45 g,
Honey 40 – 60g. Cream 65g
Spice, ground cinnamon, cloves, ginger.

Ground almond 40g optional. Chocolate 250g+  best non sweet 70%+
Flour 40g. Cream cheese 200g. Cream 200. Eggs 2. Medlar syrup 150 ml.
Pears 1 ½. Honey 20g sweeten as you like ?
Spice as you like, more yes. (?vanilla?)

Medlar syrup 150 ml. Honey 40-60g?.
Butter 40g?. Cream 35g. Pear 1. 
Spice, Cloves 8-12, ginger ¼ tsp, Cinnamon¼ tsp

Base Work flour, almonds, spice, soft butter in a into a crumbly mass, mix in honey and cream.
keep pastry cool in fridge, 30min ,,,,.

Filling Cut and cook Pears in spice, honey and Medlar syrup, simmer till soft in thick reduced syrup. 
Melt chocolate over hot water, slowly mix in most of the cream.
Beet eggs a bit, with the rest of cream and add to softened cream cheese.
Mix chocolate cream, pears syrup, creamy egg cheese, flour. 
,,,,Butter the pan. Knead pastry a bit, spread in pan and make edge half way up (cold hands help), dust with ground almond. Put filling into base, place pear slices in a radial paten on top skin up.
Cook: - 15min high for base, then 30 – 40min low.

Topping Simmer sliced pear in 150g Medlar syrup honey & spice, reduce.
Cool a bit, add butter cream, heat & slowly reduce, stirring constantly, caramelise a bit.
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  1. scary moments, all that work and praying it don't stick, flip.