Monday, January 20, 2014

The dance of genesis

A Dance of Genesis

The galaxy is made up of rotating spiral spokes of stars, carbon and dust.
Now. The centre is obscured by dust.
A long time ago it was different.
This solar system was bathed in the light of stars all the way to the center that is no center.
This solar system was plasma.

Before once upon a time, before the sun and Moon, before the planets.
There was a dance, a dance of pure joy and bliss.
There was no matter, nothing mattered, no past, no future, an eternal present.
A plasma, one but separate in essence.
They were.  There dance flowed together and apart.
One and another, simple joy,  no limits.

One danced with brilliance, totally focused in her own dance.
The others watched her, she was great.
They were looking out. They noticed a changing.
The One light was becoming dimmer, replaced with many small lights that had no heat.
They started to change their dance, cooling, slowing, conserving, condensing. Learning a new dance.
They called to their friend, the one that danced so well, she could not hear them, she was so deeply involved with her dance, she did not see. She tripped and fell, she looked out and saw no light and felt something not right. She could not conserve condense, She shattered in her new orbit, she had wasted her energy in her dance, she cracked up spaced out and hurt. She felt responsible for the lose of the light, as if it was something she did. She went mad.

Her friends saw. They love her and wanted to help her.
Her friend. The One we know as Mars today reached out and as a drowning person can drag the rescuer under, Mars lost her own balance.

Our mother. This earth, started a new dance, one with mater. Spirit soul salt, a past and future, surfaces to quicken and remember. She loves her friend. She saw what happened to Mars and decided to do something different. She decided to create a copy, a reflection of all she knew in  the image of the one light but separate like the many dim lights. She gave this being, them a task, so her friend could know.
To mine the essence of her fallen friend from her own body, to heal her, to dance with her, to teach her, to to show her friend it was not her fault the light changed and lost its heat.

So painful that she has anesthetized us, we would not do this if we were awake.
We have mined her friends soul from her own body. We have mined the plastics the metals, gave her eyes, a brain, so her friend can see. We have cast her senses out of our system so she can see for herself it is not her fault the light is gone. Her  terror grip, her gilt, psychosis is lessened. 
We have completed a task that we were created to do.

Our mother asks us now to wake. We can wake if we want.
We must wake. All the knowledge is here.

We must wake for this earth's sake, our sake.
We need to ask for what do we wake to. To what purpose ?
A reflection of all that is.
All that is known, that is a dance.
A dance.
Lets dance like none has danced before.
The universe, This Earth dances with us.
This life.

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