Friday, January 4, 2013


The hawk in a tree across the road with a my friend


Deep ecology, I am a conscious heart. well try to be..
Husbanding the earth, I missed it, got distracted and lost a yield.
I’ve just had my blackberries crop ripen, its been hit by the parrots, three days 80%, nets to late.
Last year I had a couple of wattle birds that kept them away, No nets, high yeild.
I have been encouraging the resident birds, their fun to interact with. They don’t eat much and keep a lot of the other bird at bay,. I listen to their songs and try to understand their way.

A hawk came into my garden a couple of weeks ago, over two days it hit the residents.
I didn’t realise what was happening until it was to late. I saw a pewee telling something of, I went to have a look at the disturbance. At first it looked like a cat fleeing till it went vertical, fast and highly maneuverable through the branches, It had left a carcase of a bird. The hawk was next cited on the tv antenna on the roof with three other different agitated resident birds making a lot noise, It then flew of. I again saw it in the tree across the road with a bird carcase in its clutches.. The other carcass was still on the ground. Two resident birds taken. I believe their were a pair of hawks, They have children as well.

The next day I saw the black bird making a strange tweet tweet sound on a branch, there was a hawk on the branch above it. I intervened, the blackbird is friendlier since..
If I had been more aware in a society that was more aware, maybe I would know the right way in the moment,, and have no need for nets or fences.

She simply has a family to feed.  Ecology is a delicate balance, it takes all our combined awareness intelligence to interact in a positive constructive way. 

Interacting with this earth on her terms requires deep loving  knowledge and awareness.
Can we open our eyes to see, Can we hear to listen, can we feel...
And touch with a mindful caress.

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