Saturday, February 11, 2012

Intergrated Ecology, Talking to the Birds

From Birds

Birds Birds Birds
I talk to the birds in my garden. that is I interact and observe.
I have fruit trees and berries, they only take a bit.
The guy down the road has fruit trees and he shoots the birds with a slug gun.
His trees year after year are devastated by the birds.
Why does this happen.
I look after the resident birds, encourage them to stay, and occasionally give them food. I used to say I make a pact with the birds. Its a bit more complicated, its about the hood.
The resident birds, the ones that come each year to nest and the permanent residents form coalitions to protect their territory. They chase of intruders.
The guy down the road has no permanent bird populations, Its food for all that pass by.
look after your local birds share a bit and they will look after you.
We must care for the commons

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