Thursday, August 7, 2014



Throw the instruction book out..

An old plum tree  
Weaving a tree nest
A platform to pick fruit from.

Weaving this basket has shown me culture is a weave

When it is done well

Sturdy branches to start
Trim side branches
Trim small branches

No joint is stressed to breaking point

The whole basket holds each joint

Weaving layers
Each branch supports and spreads tension
Many interwoven braces
The stressors spread 

 Spreads the tension

It is ergonomic

Smaller branches
 Rushes from the water chestnut

Forming to the minimal average surface energy

A friendly Supporting Space

Comfortable space

playful space

learning in a basket
 Exploring friendship and skills

Weave it

Be creative

Ellie's space as well
We dont live in a box
learning skill is for all

Throw the instruction book out..

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