Thursday, July 10, 2014


Rocket Stove 

A moderate fire.
Flaming Bones, boiling water.  how hot ?
Encased in stone, earth and adobe for thermal mass containing warmth..
Oven on top of the two drums.
A heated bench. Timber slabs, backing insulation
Food for cold bones and the soul.

Fire pit -
Wasting this type of brick on this. to hot for cheap extruded bricks. The iron bit is an experiment flame/heat wick. Ill run some wide metal pipe under the grate to deliver clean heated air to the secondary combustion zone, it should rock. (failed) trial and error makes the expert

Donkey boiler - A water jacket
It need to be put to use. Wheres a home ?

The space between the drums to be wider.
A heated bench and timber back rest ?
A heated bathtub ?
A warm place to sleep for traveling souls ?

Hot water for washing.

 Steam - This is difficult getting the heat transfer to the boiler right.. 

Food cooked. 

 oven, a bathtub.

horses ass tolerances


The metal plate buckled breaking the flue gas seal. ?


Aprovecho research center stove design
more photos  

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