Friday, September 30, 2011

Intergrating Water Weeding Feeding in the kitchen Garden

Weed & Feed

Out of the way, under a tree, centrally located.
What I get from permaculture is inspiration on integrating systems and behavior.
They say that one year seeding equals seven years weeding.
we remove the weeds and take to the compost heap seed and all.
We cart it back to mulch
We water with dead water.
we buy feed and mix to fertilize.
We then spend most of our garden time weeding  ?

- Simple solution -
Weed Tea
The garden waste stream is processed as to type and effects. All plants Material that I want to encourage seed and all go onto the compost,
Grass weeds go directly onto the lawn.  
Weedy plants that I want to inhibit go into the tea.
The seedy weeds from the garden go in large bucket, a handful of blood and bone, ferment, water the plants from watering can. the hose is only rarely needed.
200l fresh water, float valve connects to house tank, siphons into weed bucket, always full.
Makes it easy to water and feed.
Plus a rich pulp for mulch, worms or compost.

Careful management will minimize weeding
Systems can always be improved

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